Los Rios Police Department responds to recent crime incidents

In light of recent criminal incidents that happened on Oct. 19 and 23, gun violence has now reached campus, making many students and staff members feel unsafe at school, they say.

The crimes that occurred last week involved two separate incidents in which three female students were held at gunpoint by male suspects.

Since the increase of criminal activity on school grounds, the Los Rios Police Department has increased the number of officers on duty, primarily in the evening, said Public Information Officer Kristie West.

“We brought in two additional officers on ‘swing-shift’,” said Police Capt. Christopher Day. “Also, we have brought in two more campus patrol officers, which double the the previous amount of officers and on-campus patrol from two each to four each.”

In addition, the Los Rios Police Department has since been in contact with the Regional Transit department to increase security from 7 to 10 p.m., and have come in contact with district and citywide agencies to work in conjunction to solve future crimes.

“Between jurisdiction based on a memorandum of understanding and shared information amongst departments, assistance from other agencies [Sacramento Police Department] can offer more officers and triage in response to crime,” Day said.

The services provided by the LRPD are also influenced by these factors: the location of the crime, type of emergency and visibility.

Several programs on campus have been implemented to support campus safety. The Emergency Operation Center is overseeing, coordinating and providing support during emergencies. The Action Coordinators for Emergency Survival, headed by Building Coordinator Augustine Chavez, is overseeing building evacuations and general building safety. Also, the Campus Community Emergency Response Team that is comprised of both student and faculty volunteers is assisting first responders with triage, first aid, search and rescue and scene management.

Lt. Dan Broussard of the Los Rios Police Department encouraged students to be attentive to detail when leaving campus during evening hours.