Female student assaulted on campus


Los Rios Police

The Los Rios Police Department released a crime bulletin regarding the sexual assault of a female student on campus. The photo above picturing the unidentified suspect was included in the bulletin.

A female student was sexually assaulted on the sidewalk west of Parking Lot F by an unidentified male suspect on Monday between 1:25 – 1:30 p.m., according to a crime bulletin released by the Los Rios Police Department.
The crime bulletin states that the light-skinned male suspect was wearing a pink hoodie with dark pants and shoes.
He approached two female students on a light blue bike to engage in a conversation, then touched one of the students on her buttocks before riding off towards the Light Rail Station, according to the bulletin.
The two students flagged down a patrolling officer to file a report. Officers searched the area, but were unable to locate the suspect on the inner or outer campus, according to the crime bulletin.
CRC Campus Police Capt. Jinky-Jay Lampano said the investigation is ongoing.
“We are trying to determine if this is happening at any other campuses,” Lampano said. “If there is a person in common, we will work across jurisdictions.”
A list of safety tips was included in the crime bulletin, including staying alert of your surroundings and traveling with another person when possible.
Lampano also advised that students familiarize themselves with the locations of the blue police boxes on campus, which can be used to call an officer in case of an emergency.
“We are all responsible for our safety, so we have to be aware of our surroundings,” Lampano said.
Lampano said that Los Rios police officers and part-time workers will continue patrolling the area in the wake of this incident.
The Los Rios Police Department asks that anyone with information on the incident call the department at (916) 558-2221.