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Proposition 32 limits payroll deductions for political funding

Zach Hannigan, Connection Staff

October 8, 2012

Some are calling it the end of the middle-class, while others call it political reform and the end of special-interest spending. The passage of Proposition 32 would prohibit unions and corporations from using payroll-deducted funds for political purposes and would change the state campaign finance laws, according to the California...

California Proposition 30 looks to increase taxes to fund education

Stephan Starnes, Connection Staff

October 6, 2012

If Proposition 30 fails to pass, community colleges in California stand to lose approximately $550 million, California Community Colleges Vice Chancellor for College Finance & Facilities Planning Dan Troy said during a conference call for college newspapers. Proposition 30 proposes a tax increase for those who earn over...

Los Rios student ID’s, finding deals the student way

Scott Redmond, Connection Staff

October 4, 2012

Riding public transportation free of charge is a well-known perk of a Los Rios student ID, but there are a lot more available if you look in the right places: Yogurt cravings can lead right to Yogurtville Lounge off Bruceville where students can enjoy a cool 20 percent discount on a yogurt purchase. In the mood for burritos...

CRC theater presents a comedy of terrors: ‘Hamlet: zombie killer of Denmark’

Mozes Zarate, Connection Staff

October 4, 2012

“Neither a borrower, nor an undead be.” Denmark isn’t a place where the dead are resting easy, especially when its current king, Claudius, is plotting to turn the entire kingdom into an Elizabethan prequel to “28 Days Later.” It’s “Hamlet: Zombie Killer of Denmark.” Written by contemporary playwright Chris...

Interim coach hopes to teach athletes to learn from mistakes

Victor Macias, Connection Staff

October 4, 2012

It was the year 2004 when her coaching career began, coaching a team of developmental athletes 12 years old and under. She now finds herself as interim head coach of the Cosumnes River College volleyball team, a team she once played for. For Natalie Wells, volleyball is her passion and she is excited to take on a greater...

Community college athletics deserve more attention

Community college athletics deserve more attention

October 2, 2012

According to Merriam-Webster, the definition of a lockout is the withholding of employment by an employer...

Gov. Jerry Brown signs California Senate Bills for free textbooks

Josh Slowiczek, Connection Staff

September 27, 2012

The government wants to help students get free textbooks for their classes. Gov. Jerry Brown signed California Senate Bill 1052 and 1053 on Sept 27., two bills which place into motion a project that will “establish development of open source digital textbooks for 50 lower division courses which students can electronically...

Dr. Brice Harris named California Community College Chancellor

Zach Hannigan, Connection Staff

September 27, 2012

Former Los Rios Community College District Chancellor Brice Harris was unanimously selected by the Board of Governors today to serve as the 15th chancellor of the California Community College system. Harris is now in charge of a 112-college system, the largest system of higher education in the country. “Brice Harris is t...

Gender-based marketing: Women cannot be fooled

Ariel Hevesi, Connection Staff

September 27, 2012

From pretty pastel pens to curvy girl Legos, it seems as though companies desperately try to rope in the female audience by altering their products to be female-friendly. Bic now has a new pastel-colored ball point pen called “The Bic Cristal for Her,” which allows women to write “elegantly and in style” as described by t...

CAST artists paint the town, captivating public visitors

Brittany Patrick, Connection Staff

September 24, 2012

Passionate brush strokes, intriguing angles and an infectious buzz filled the streets of downtown Sacramento for the Capital Artists’ Studio Tour. Beginning in 2006 CAST, put on by the Center for Contemporary Art, has grown from a small number of art studios showcasing work to over 150 participating members. The event is...

One new business professor’s hunger for education at CRC

Ariel Hevesi, Connection Staff

September 24, 2012

Man Phan sips his iced coffee while sporting a crisp button up shirt, slacks and gelled back hair. It’s another typical Monday morning in his office. However, business Professor Phan’s days were not always so typical. He grew up carrying buckets of well water to and from his village as a part of his daily life. “Coming...

New CRC dean, Torence Powell, shares his personal connection in his leading role

Ashley Boucher, Features / Arts & Entertainment Editor

September 24, 2012

A once “knucklehead kid” who first arrived at Cosumnes River College intimidated, Torence Powell found his way back to the college that pushed him towards the right path. Even with a supportive family to go home to each day, Powell had managed to get into trouble as a kid. “In the 90s, it was pretty bad,” Powell s...

CRC’s 2012 Health Resource Fair successfully raises awareness

Jonathan Rich, Connection Staff

September 24, 2012

Over a year in planning, the cooperation of over 40 different agencies came together with one woman’s idea to spread awareness and education to students on health and welfare. Carmella Henderson, Cosumnes River College peer health educator, is that woman and the host of the CRC Fall 2012 Health Resource Fair held at the...

Freshmen Seminar among resources available to prepare students for college

Cody Durham, Connection Staff

September 23, 2012

Every year, thousands of freshmen stumble onto community college campuses without a solid plan of attack. Students who enter community college without an idea of what they want to do can find themselves stuck for a handful of years taking classes that they don’t need. This brings up the issue of how high school students...

Schubert's One Book bioethics lecture covers informed consent

Schubert’s One Book bioethics lecture covers informed consent

September 23, 2012

Cosumnes River College philosophy Professor Rick Schubert gave a lecture on bioethics in relation to...

Financial aid awards rise in numbers, Pell Grant qualifications change

Alex Mosqueda, Connection Staff

September 22, 2012

With the start of a new semester many Cosumnes River College students make the inevitable trip to the financial aid office. “We have actually awarded more students this year to date than the same time last year,” said Financial Aid Supervisor Alice Kwong via email. As of July 1, 2012, new qualifications for the Federal...

CRC campus expansion to benefit students, community

Osay Ogbebor, Connection Staff

September 20, 2012

With all the ongoing construction throughout Cosumnes River College, visual enhancements are becoming apparent. “I’m very excited about the construction around the campus,” said CRC President Debbie Travis. “It indicates to me that we’re going to be able to serve our students and the community by having facilities...

Tony Bloomfield: Our intention is never to make pro baseball players

Zach Hannigan, Connection Staff

September 20, 2012

“Play every day like it’s your last.” These are the words that baseball’s head coach Tony Bloomfield instilled in his players at the beginning of last season. A season that would bring Cosumnes River College its first state championship in one of the hardest ways possible. The Hawks never played a home game...

Knee injury brings freshman recruit to women's soccer team

Knee injury brings freshman recruit to women’s soccer team

September 20, 2012

The women’s soccer team welcomed their new forward Jena Mamola, a 17-year-old business major, back...

Hawks volleyball loses second game in a row, falls to Columbia College

Victor Macias, Connection Staff

September 15, 2012

Fresh off the CRC Classic, the Cosumnes River College volleyball team looked to build off their strong performance in the tournament where they went 2-1. The Hawks went up against Columbia College on Sept. 12, but they didn’t look like the same team that showed up to play in the tournament. Columbia won in three sets...

Associated Students of Cosumnes River College provide voice for students

Scott Redmond, Connection Staff

September 10, 2012

The Associated Students of Cosumnes River College serve as the voice of the student body of the campus and operates under the direction of officers elected by the student body, according to the campus website. The Student Senate within the ASCRC, formerly known as the Associated Student Government, are advocates of the student...

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